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Earn interest and maintain USD value? Naira took a nosedive in 2023, but with HaloFi Save, your savings won’t. Stash your cash in USD-pegged tokens and wave goodbye to devaluation worries!

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Deposit. Earn interest and save towards your goals.

Saving for a new home, dream vacation, or your next business venture? You're not alone!

Join over 15,000 like-minded savers in our community, and let HaloFi Save and HaloFi Challenges guide you to your financial goals with the power of crypto stables.

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Steady savings in an unpredictable World

Currency markets can throw a curveball, but your finances shouldn’t. With HaloFi, tuck your savings into USD-pegged stable tokens. It's a smooth move, especially when the Nigerian Naira has taken a near 101% tumble against the dollar in the last year.

Not only does this keep your asset value steady, but it also puts your financial goals within easier reach, quicker. It's about making your money work smart, not hard.

Set your saving intention with a goal

Set a clear saving goal with HaloFi, whether it’s for a new home, a vacation, or a startup venture. By having a tangible target, you’re not just saving, you’re growing towards your aspirations. It’s about making each penny count, no matter what you're saving up for. Your roadmap to financial fulfillment begins with a goal.

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Rise to a saving challenge

Our OG saving product, HaloFi challenges, is still very much alive and kicking. Want to hold yourself accountable to save weekly, monthly or even daily? Head on over to our challenges site.


Our Backers and Supporters

Rene Reinsberg Photo
HaloFi is one of the Celo community’s favorite DeFi apps - mobile friendly and easy to use, but also providing real world utility of helping people achieve financial goals in a playful way.
Rene Reinsberg
- President @ Celo Foundation
Mona El Isa
HaloFi's non-custodial and decentralized platform is a great tool for folks to make wealth management fun!
Mona El Isa
- CEO @ Avantgarde Finance
Hamzah Khan Profile Photo
HaloFi is a DeFi project that helps users save using a novel incentive mechanism that is much more powerful than what CeFi has to offer.
Kain Warwick
- Founder @ Synthetix
David Truong Profile Photo
By gamifying financial education, HaloFi makes the world of DeFi accessible to everyone, creating opportunties to save, increase wealth, and have fun while doing it!
David Truong
- Founder @
Nemanja Cerovac Profile Photo
HaloFi is one of few interesting novel uses of DeFi composability and primitives. Gamifying savings to create better financial health is a vision Polygon believes in. Excited to see the growth.
Hamzah Khan - Head of DeFi @ Polygon Labs
Nemanja Cerovac Profile Photo
90% of DeFi is still too complex, targets exotic use cases and niche value adds. HaloFi is tackling one of the most fundamental financial primitives - savings - and does it with intuitive UX, simple self-custody and creative, gamified loops.
Nemanja 'Nemo' Cerovac
- GP @ Daedalus Angels

Start saving now

Set your goal with HaloFi Save, rise to the occasion with HaloFi Challenges, and watch your future shine. Be the master of your money and take control of your financial destiny!

How it works

At HaloFi, your money's always in your hands. Just visit our site on any device, link your preferred wallet, and pop in your funds to begin earning. No stable tokens? No problem. Top up using mobile money, AirTime, M-PESA or a bank transfer. We never hang onto your cryptos, so there’s zero fuss, or unpleasant surprises.

Track your journey, and champion your financial growth.

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Safety first

We never hold your funds or cryptos, they always stay under the control of your wallet. This means all balances and transactions are visible onchain. It's all verifiable so expect no funny business.*

*HaloFi is a decentralised saving application. We do not provide investment or any other financial advice of any kind. Investing in crypto assets, as well as investments and lending linked to crypto assets, involves significant risk. When investing in cryptocurrencies, you risk losing your entire investment. Please consider whether trading and owning cryptocurrencies is appropriate for your financial situation.